A COMMON QUESTION: Why do good people suffer or why do bad things happen to good people? It APPEARS good people get the brunt of suffering, while evil-doers enjoy life. Is this true? Does not everyone suffer in one form or another? So is not the question MEANINGLESS? Just because a person is GOOD does not mean there will be no suffering in life. Suffering befalls all – good or bad. Objectively, the existence of pain or a physical handicap cannot be denied. but the degree of sorrow produced is subjective. Riches…positions…power do not guarantee happiness. If a person claims he is good and suffering… while the dishonest flourish… …be SURE the person is not good. For GOOD people, real suffering is… …to act against their convictions. Compromise to them is the greatest suffering. Spiritual practices cannot eliminate suffering… they PROTECT the mind and ease the suffering. We cannot stop the rain, but by using an umbrella can save ourselves from getting wet. Generally suffering and enjoyment ….are related to past actions. BUT STOP AWHILE …observe the subtle level… …do we not find immediate results of our actions? When a good thought enters the mind, …there is elation… … a wicked thought causes agitation. Problems arise when there is no ideal OR when one is not able to live up to it. But the greatest problem is when one believes the ideal is not: worth living up to has lost its utility. REMEMBER… The good stand by their convictions because… “If you do not stand for something… …you will fall for everything!!!”

by Swami Tejomayananda