Enjoy the Benefits of Faith in God

The Benefits

Non-believers say that God doesn’t really exist. It is just a belief. DESPITE THAT..      Simple faith and belief in the existence of God benefits greatly. It doesn’t matter whether He exists or not… Each is free to their own faith… So long as there is no force on anyone to believe otherwise…

Gives Strength and Power

Faith is a great power and a source of strength. Also as you think, so you become. One who believes in the existence of an all-powerful God feels:

Without such a source, I turn to so-called near and dear ones or myself. But being in trouble myself, I can hardly be a good support and others generally avoid a person in difficulty.

Faith and trust in God enables us to become strong. We can also argue that actually the power and strength comes from within, but for the BELIEVER…it came from the Lord.

Generally one has a tendency to boost the ego and take credit for everything. The difference is that even though the DEVOTEE…has got it from within, he will not be arrogant.

Atheists may feel temples are not necessary…But the Chinese have embalmed Mao’s body and people go there to pay their respects. Is that not a worship of sorts?

Man HAS TO have some faith somewhere…It is human nature to HOLD ON to something.

The world moves on faith. Have faith…but have it in God alone…because that gives the best results.

-by Swami Tejomayananda