Why Unhappiness ?

Q: God is love and happiness. If God is everywhere then why is there unhappiness in the world?

Air is everywhere, yet asthma patients gasp for air. Some are even known to die without air. The trouble is with the person not with the air.

Sunlight is everywhere, yet the blind person does not see. Even when we feel heat of the sun, its light cannot be seen.

Similarly, even though God is happiness and everywhere, because of spiritual ignorance we do not see that.

Whatever glimpses of joy we experience are due to His all pervading presence alone.

BUT because of the veil of ignorance,man is deluded and becomes unhappy.

We say…God is everywhere

But do we believe this…

We are not convinced…these are someone else’s words.

The slightest pain or sorrow shakes us to the core…

WE plead…GOD WHY ME?

Have faith in:

Then effortlessly see him everywhere

…in the family

…in the workplace

…in the garden

…in the slums

…in sadness

…in gladness

Know for certain that whatever happens is for

the best

…that is the path to God

therein lies eternal happiness.

by Swami Tejomayananda