The successful management of an organization is measured

                           by the satisfaction and happiness of people working for it.

In the business world, customer satisfaction has top priority –

no matter what…the customer is always right!

                  Much depends on the LEADER in an organisation,

                                                 who must rise above limited views…

                    and mentally carry the total vision…

                                   the complete panorama.

                        This determines…

                              the growth, development and SUCCESS of the enterprise.

            A Sanskrit shloka, translated gives direction…

                       “True knowledge gives humility.

              Humility leads to greater ability, which in turn leads to higher prosperity.

              Prosperity if used for righteousness will lead to True Happiness.”

GOOD LEADERS must assume three basic responsibilities towards their employees:

  1. Provide them security.
  2. Design their job content appropriately.
  3. Instill right moral values and show them how live and work…with

Inspiration gained from the empirical world alone cannot give true fulfilment.

because joy lies in inspired action and not material gain.

Happiness dependent on the result

…postpones the experience of happiness to the future.


We want happiness in the present but

                                  delay its experience to the future.

Discover joy in the very execution of action,

                            AND WATCH …the quality of the performance change.

Desire EVEN better results – dedicate the action to a noble ideal.

                      The quality undergoes a radical change…

a nobler and higher ideal…

                                  produces a tangible difference…

a finer…more refined performance.

                   A story about AKBAR and TANSEN explains it all…

Pleased with Tansen’s singing prowess Akbar praised him greatly.

                    Tansen humbly requested that the Emperor listen to

                    his guru…a much greater artist.

Astonished be his caliber…Akbar asked to know the reason for the difference.

Tansen, with candour replied,

“My Guru sings for the Lord and I sing to please you, the Emperor.”

The motive of an action is either to please somebody or to please the Higher Self.

Inspiration when working for the Higher Self

                                                 is multifold and yields a superior result.


Knowledge leading to humility ensures success and power…

                              And produces a spiralling effect of greater knowledge…

                                 …more humility and even greater success and power!!!

                                                                                     by Swami Tejomayananda