Children – Are They Yours? by Swami Tejomayananda

Children – Are They Yours?

While raising children it is important to remember 

Parents only provide material for the physical body.

I belong to GOD…
…and so also…does everyone else.

Each one enters this world to fulfil:
 …a destiny
 …a purpose
 …a goal
It just so happens they are together as a family…

When travelling by plane…
the co-passengers do not know each other.

They share but one common factor…
their desire to travel on the same day
…by the same flight.

Brought together by a common karma…
…their reasons for travel could be as varied as:
 a vacation
 a marriage
 a funeral
 a meeting

Similarly, a common karma brings a family together.
The members meet…
…spend time together
…share the good and the bad.
Then…get off at different places
and go their SEPERATE ways.

So we need to rethink and…
Remove the ‘I-ness’ and ‘my-ness’ from life…
…my child…my father…my mother…my friend.

Khalil Gibran, in his book The Prophet, says
“Children come through you, they don’t belong to you”.

The role of a parent is to provide for the child:
…a conducive environment for its development
to allow it to grow to its FULL POTENTIAL.

The world in its totality plays a major role
…in the life of the child.

The Lord has entrusted to parents a given child.
And placed in each one the potential power of LIFE.

So devoid of fear and possessiveness
ENJOY the process of creation…watch your child grow!


—    Swami Tejomayananda