The Road Under Construction

The Road Under Construction

OUTSIDE roads are constructed

by road construction companies

funded by the government or by private organizations.

But the INNER road has to be constructed by oneself.

The construction process is continuous…


construct again…then walk again.

People erroneously imagine that from imperfection

one can suddenly becoming PERFECT.

To achieve perfection…is a constant process.

The road to PERFECTION is always under construction.

To build it well we need…

…to follow the instructions of the SCRIPTURES

Study the Scriptures daily.

Why every day?…simply because we are forgetful.

The MIND needs fortification.

Perfection is a process of constant improvement…

…we have to continuously work on…

It doesn’t come suddenly.

Quote: “If you always do what you always did,

you always get what you always got.”

To really change…change the way to think,

review your attitude to life…actions…feelings.

UNDERSTAND and practice the basics.

Everything has to be examined carefully.


Resolve and be firm to change.

Then witness…change happening!

The attempt to change brings:







moments of temptation.

The higher the goal, the more difficult the struggle.

Quote:“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

THE SECRET: Enjoy your struggle…construct the road…

travel happily…successfully reach the goal!

— Swami Tejomayananda