The Bhagawad Geeta categorises mankind into:

three personality types …

with three different visions.

The sattwic person perceives the oneness of things and beings

…heart is filled with love

…lives in bliss and freedom

The rajasic person constantly struggles

…sees differences around

…creates divisions of likes and dislikes

The tamasic person lives in bondage

…takes the part for the whole

…gets fanatically attached to one little thing.

The vast majority belongs to the second category

For them…happiness is based on the result of the action.

We want happiness now and forever…

BUT we live…think…say…“I will be happy IF…”

I pass the examination

I get that job

I get married

…and so on…

We DEFER our happiness to the future.

Always preparing to be happy  NEVER HAPPY!


I want happiness now but postpone it to the future.


1. My happiness will be in the future.

2. The future is uncertain…my happiness is also uncertain.

So if my joy is in the action itself,

then my joy is in the present.

The result of action depends on many other factors.

To win an election…I make all the necessary arrangements

BUT whether I win or not, depends on the votes polled.

For a person obsessed with the results of ACTION

Life becomes an exercise in futility…

…a relentless struggle for HAPPINESS.

– – Swami Tejomayananda