Who Does Anger Benefit?

We cannot ignore or escape…Anger

When we are angry

we become agitated:

 lose all inner peace and tranquility

 bring agitation to others

 increase the negativity around

So avoid thoughts and situations

that can cause anger.

Anger arises from:

 An expectation not fulfilled

 An ego hurt

While it is not possible to live without


We can be free from the dependence on

other people for the fulfillment of desires.

How can we overcome anger?

First…be aware of it.

With awareness, in time anger will either

drop to a MINIMUM, or not rise at all.

NEXT become aware of the harm

caused by giving in to anger:

 The effects of anger are even worse

than physical death.

 The more we express anger the

more we suffer.

 The angry person dies continually to

his higher Self.

ASK: “What do I want out of life?”

“Do I gain anything from anger?”

“Anger is a losing proposition, so

why keep it?

The most precious wealth we have is

peace of mind.

To protect this peace…

…we have to remain determined

to not part easily with this wealth.


and WIN OVER the exact moment when


                             – – Swami Tejomayananda

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