God : The Most Talked About

GOD is the MOST TALKED ABOUT ENTITY in the world. To know how popular He is…just Google ‘God’! From time immemorial various views, beliefs and concepts about Him have existed. Even in Vaidika times some believed He existed some that He did not. We do not doubt our own existence… but doubt the existence of Him… because of whom we exist! GOD IS THE TRUTH. The Truth does not depend on beliefs or non-beliefs, however logical, learned and intelligent they may be. Even those who believe in God, differ in their beliefs and reasons:

 Faith can be either inborn

 OR a result of religious upbringing.

Some are philosophers, others are theologists, yet others are religious and claim to be spiritual – EACH believes in their own concept of God. AMONG BELIEVERS certain differences in beliefs are glaring and obvious whereas others are slight and subtle:

 The theist believes in God who makes and governs creation

 The deist believes He creates but does not govern creation

 The pantheist believes that divinity is immanent in creation NON-BELIEVERS TOO DIFFER:

 The apostate renounces his belief

 the schist is divisive in his belief

 the heretic opposes all beliefs

 The atheist disbelieves in God’s existence

 the agnostic has a concept that God is unknowable.

Is God a creation of the human mind? Is God a concept? – – Swami Tejomayananda