1. We find it easier to live… with animals and pets BUT LIVING WITH HUMANS IS DIFFICULT. We don’t blame fire for burning us… we accept that it is fire’s nature. We accept the coolness of ice…the wetness of water as their nature. We don’t try to change them. Nor like or dislike them.

2. But we cannot accept people as they are. We have expectations from them. When expectations are not fulfilled, we are upset.

3. Parents expect children to excel in sports, studies, music …… To force or compel performance… against a child’s aptitude traumatises the child.

4. Living with people… …leads to inter-person expectations …to desire acceptance …to possessiveness …to control. This is destructive.

5. Expectations must be reasonable and wise. Give space…give freedom. Like two hands that come together, yet leave a space between them…. Like the sun that shines on everything UNCONDITIONALLY.

6. The wise person moves everywhere with love and affection — RECEIVES ALL…ACCEPTS ALL. Whether people behave nicely or poorly he is neither elated nor saddened. He accepts their nature.

7. ACCEPT PEOPLE AS THEY ARE. Change what is possible. Don’t insist on your way. It is not possible to love someone… …AND also confine them in that love.

The slide show is available at the following link: http://www.speakingtree.in/slideshow/why-is-it-so-difficult-to-live-with-people-671894