The Gita – Way of Life

The Gita Way of Life

Every day we deal with people, things, experiences and situations.
How we RESPOND to them depends on how we perceive them.

of the thing…person or experience.

Different people respond to the same situation differently.
The difference lies in how we apply the knowledge.

You can load a software but may not know how to use it.
So too with knowledge.

If knowledge is only logically apparent
but not intellectually internalised…
there is a gap between knowing and applying.

All knowledge has to become MY knowledge. If not assimilated…
it will remain apart from me. Not a part of me.
If we don’t act according to KNOWLEDGE…
we act without thought or
the result is suffering.

Our responses to encounters and experiences…
maybe right or wrong…

good or bad…but respond we must. IT IS CHOICELESS!!!

So the Gita advises that we
 Every thing and person has a place in life.
 Be equanimous with respect to things and beings.

– – Swami Tejomayananda

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