Common Sense Is All You Need

All religions teach the same simple truth

of the underlying oneness and harmony.

Yet we are aware of the differences and divisions

between communities and religions.

Our experiences of life show…we want

to live happily, collectively and together.

On reflection we realise the only thing

…required for this is COMMON SENSE.

Each one has to live their own individual life.

It is not possible to live the life of another.

So, we must:

take responsibility for our life

          learn to mind our own business.

Generally we do not hold ourselves accountable

for all the sorrows of life.

We easily pin the cause of our unhappiness

on to something or someone other than ourselves.

We try to change people we encounter in life,

sometimes even the world itself.

HOWEVER our best intentions and efforts go in vain

because we are unable to change anyone.

IF we understand this simple point AND


we can concentrate on changing our own lives

BECAUSE…the only life

we can actually change is our own!

 Swami Vivekananda’s quote is memorable. He said,

“Common sense is the most

                       uncommon thing in this world”

– – Swami Tejomayananda

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