Lord and Leader – Ganesha

Invocation to Lord Ganesha by Sant Tulsidas

Gaiye Ganapati jagavandana

Sankara suvana Bhavani nandana

Gaiye Ganapati jagavandana

Siddhisadana gajavadana Vinayaka

Kripasindhu sundara saba layaka

Gaiye Ganapati jagavandana

SYMBOLICALLY…Ganesha stands

for knowledge

the son of Sankara ­– trust

Parvati – faith

To attain any knowledge

we must possess

both faith and trust

He is called Ganapati

the Lord and Leader of the ganas…

Lord Shiva’s attendants.

‘Gana’ also means groups.

WE SHOULD MASTER our ‘groups’ of:

LORD GANESHA possess all the qualities

essential in a good leader

Therefore Ganapati is


most worshipful in this world.


Ganesha is:

achievements, accomplishments and powers.

The trunk has enormous strength…BUT

can also recognize fine distinctions.

Good looks alone do not make a person beautiful.

he is capable of doing everything.

To emulate Ganesha

we need to have…


So as to then become

a leader truly successful

and respected in the world.

On Ganesh Chaturthi…let’s invoke His blessings

– –  Swami Tejomayananda