MIND the faculty of thinking…
is a continuous flow of thoughts.
The body is only a tool the mind employs
to accomplish its tasks.
The body is the hardware and the mind
…like the software of the computer.
WHEN the software is infected with viruses it can
cause problems and sometimes…even crash.
So also the MIND.
The mind is a most sophisticated…
and delicate instrument.
THEREFORE it is important to learn
how to think and what to think.
The mind in pursuit of happiness
follows the senses into the world of objects and beings.
When a desire is fulfilled…we believe the object or being
has given happiness and so become attached to it.
It causes dependence…possessiveness…
jealousies…fear and so on.
A mind full of attachments results in…
sorrow and bondage

THE ANTI VIRUS to free our mind from its attachments…
IS…to turn the pleasure-seeking mind towards
…the true source of joy  THE LORD.
The choiceless performance of one’s duties
as worship of GOD frees the mind
from attachment and selfishness…
Leading to complete PEACE and FULFILLMENT.

The link to the slideshow is: http://www.speakingtree.in/allslides/mind-the-bodys-software.

– – Swami Tejomayananda