Have Faith in Faith – Man’s Real Wealth

Faith plays a crucial role in life…
its power makes the impossible possible…
Though an important aspect of life,
its full meaning and implications are rarely appreciated.

Generally taken as a negative quality
it implies lack of intellectual maturity.
It may appear as blind belief,
but culminates in the verification of what was believed.

Blind belief can neither be verified through experience nor logic.
Faith is verifiable.
The first time we perform an action it is with faith alone.
When we board a plane, we trust in the pilot’s ability.

So-called rationalists believe faith is opposed to reason.
INFACT – reasoning itself is based on faith in the power of the intellect.
The whole scientific process rests on faith
in the apparatus used for various experiments.

Faith plays an important role in personal life…
Relationships are based on trust…
on faith in human nature and noble values.

In religion Faith plays a vital role.
There is faith in the existence of the One Reality
Though not visible to the naked eye
its existence is declared in the scriptures
is the direct experience of many masters.

Belief in their words is the initial step
to Know the Truth of our own Self.
Have faith in Faith.
It is the real wealth of man.

– – Swami Tejomayananda

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