Stay Ahead

The Heart of Success
Stay Ahead

Different people respond
differently to obstacles.

A rare few PERSIST and are successful.

We think successful people
never have difficulties or obstacles.

HOWEVER…The Truth is…
great goals have…great impediments.

Obstacles cause people to:

Unable to persevere…
they lose energy.

Each one DOES have expectations…
BUT often when difficulties arise…
we give up the chase…

RESULT…our best never surfaces…
these feelings also become obstacles.

A problem is what we perceive
when our focus shifts from the goal.
Then…even minor obstacles appear
enormous and immobilize us.

Successful people never allow
Problems to discourage them.
They know:


When knocked down they…
bounce back with renewed…

Obstacles become…
stepping stones to GROWTH.
Failures a means to SUCCESS.

AND even if they lose everything
They know their mind is with them.

Successful people
RETAIN their confidence.

For them:
‘Determination’ is ‘I MUST’.
‘Patience’ is ‘I WILL’.

The heart of success is…
stay ahead of all obstacles!

– – Swami Tejomayananda

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