In Meditative Silence

When a spiritual seeker feels the irresistible urge break asunder the shells of his limitation and hatch himself out as it were, from the mortal egg into greater world of the Self, he is fit for meditation.

The vital moments of silence that we reach in our medi¬¨tation are the eternal islands of Truth among the endless billows of life’s activities, struggles, temptations and desires. We are not accustomed to this inward silence. We are foreigners, self-exiled from our own Real Nature of peace and serenity. We know not how to delve into this silent existence, vital and vibrant, and translate it into a way of living, at once Divine and Omnipotent.

When we are thus completely and totally in that state of silence, we are in the vital realm of truth. In that moment of silence, if we can consciously gain an entrance into the message of its vitality and come to live its full glory, we are then living the very destiny of Godhood. But unfortunately even when we reach there, we know it not and fail to digest our experience. We lack the knowledge of its identity as the experience; we are to know this to be ‘the Supreme and the Eternal’, Though in that silent moment of meditation we are experiencing the Absolute Self, the All-Pervading and the Omniscient, we are not having the consummate satis¬¨faction and the Bliss of Perfection, because we know not that ”This is that”: Ayam-Atma Brahma. With ‘knowledge’ (Gyana) this experience starts giving us the joy that it actually is.