Sri Krishna – Lila Purushottama

Sri Krishna – Lila Purushottama

Sri Krishna has been painted
in different hues and shades.
Heard of as…a dispassionate Yogi…
great friend…best teacher…even a prankster.

But Krishna’s actions often contradicted his words
which are enshrined in the Bhagavad Geeta!

He did all this and more:

Do not copy what He did, we are told.
So…let us think of Him
And meditate on Him…as God.
Think of His actions as not those of an individual,
But as creative divine play.

A Divine enigma…
His actions playfully highlighted
adharma in most unusual ways.
Krishna did not follow the rules
of human conduct…maanav maryada
But remained within the boundaries of…
dharma maryada…the highest law for all.

In His actions there was no trace of ego.
Simple as a child’s play…leela,
… joyful to watch.

What Krishna did was simply leela
Performed in human form…
without doership or enjoyership.

His actions are meant to detach the mind
From the worldly…to attach itself to Him.
Even those who hated Him…thought of Him night and day.
This is what He wants!
He blessed even those who hated Him.
Then what to say, for those that love Him!
Their winnings are immeasurable!

– – Swami Tejomayananda