Is might Right or
is right Might?
What should we choose?

Commonly power rests with
physical, financial, military or political clout
and most submit to these power centers;
but some choose courage
to stand by RIGHT.

Be it the Puranas, Ramayan or the Mahabharata
the Roman or British Empire,
History shows that
short-term power comes from selfishness
brings short term glory
does not endure.
But History has proven the might of right!
Rights and duties are powerful brothers
when one does his duty
the other gets his rights

spirituality goes one step up:
‘remember the rights people have OVER YOU
forget the rights YOU HAVE OVER OTHERS.’
subjugation? Nay! Sublimation!

One can live doing one’s duties
or protecting one’s rights
One is self-welfare
the other is world-welfare.
There is no need to fight for rights.
There is a need to perform duties.
He who performs his duties
Gains his rights
This is the way of a spiritual life.

Constant fight and struggle
over rights
leads to friction, agitation.

The really mighty were those
who did not fight for their rights

or their values.
The world simply gave it to them.
Mahatma Gandhi
Lokmanya Tilak
Martin Luther
Nelson Mandela
merely performed their duty
and became immortal in our memory.

we see the failure of duty
but aggressive fight for rights.

Let’s flip that – respect others’ rights
do our duty
we will grow in spiritual stature,
individually and collectively.
Might wins for the here and now;

right wins FOREVER.

– – Swami Tejomayananda.