Dhyananjaneya Vigraha Pratishta at CM Guntur

Date : 22 Aug 2021

Sri Dhyananjaneya Swami arrives in Chinmaya Mission Guntur!
20-22 August 2021

On 22 August 2021 at 8:41 AM IST, the beautiful idol of Dhyananjaneya Swami was installed and abhisheka was performed by all present. The pratishtapana puja was conducted over three days, 20 August to 22 August. Pancha kala pujas following all Vaidik rituals, were performed by the learned pujaris.

Devotees and Chinmaya Mission members happily participated in the vigraha pratishtapana of Dhyananjaneya Swami. Swamini Sheelananda presided over the auspicious event and many other Swamins and Brahmacharins also participated wholeheartedly.

Having completed the reconstruction work on the premises, Chinmaya Mission Guntur is blessed to welcome the latest addition – the divine Dhyananjaneya Swami Mandir.