15 Years of Shri Abhaya Anjaneya Swami Temple, Vizag

Date : 15 Oct 2021

The Prati-sthapana of Sri Abhaya Anjaneya Swami at Chinmaya Mission Visakhapatnam (Vizag) was done in 2006, on Dussehra day. Every year the Pratishtha day is celebrated on a grand scale, and every five years, Maha Kumbhabhishekam or Purna Kalashabhishekam is done to the Kalasha atop the Gopuram (sanctum).

Dussehra day of 2021 marked 15 years of the pratishtha of the vigraha of Sri Abhaya Anjaneya. Abhishekam to the Moola Murthy with Panchamrta and 11 other Dravyas began at 4:00am, followed by Alankara.

Then a special Puja was done to all the Sahasra (1000) Kalashas, starting with lighting of Diyas and offering of flowers. After Arati, nearly 70 devotees carried the Kalashas to the top of the temple Gopuram and Abhishekam was done to the Purna Kalasha, amid Vedic chants.

Following this, 1000 Boorelu/Poornalu sweets were offered as Naivedyam, poured from atop the Gopuram, with the devotees standing below to catch the Prasad! It was a wonderful site!

This was followed by Manyu Sukta Homam, considered very dear to Hanumanji.

After the Homam, a sumptuous lunch was hosted by the Mission for all the devotees present. The Mission also hosted breakfast and distributed Prasad to all.

It was indeed a grand celebration of Dussehra as well as the Pratishtha day of beloved Sri Abhaya Anjaneya Swami.