Mahashivaratri at Jagadeeshwara Mandir, Powai

Date : 01 Mar 2022

Mahashivaratri was celebrated in a grand day-long function at Sandeepany Sadhanalaya, Powai, Mumbai on 1 March 2022. The celebrations took place with great fervour, despite there being no non-residents present. The temple and Ashram were all decked up to celebrate the glorious day. The Ashram residents and students of the 18th Batch of the Vedanta Course had a wonderful celebration in the divine presence of Swami Tejomayananda. The various programmes were streamed LIVE on Chinmaya Channel on YouTube, so that devotees from around the world could view them and be part of it all.

Lord Jagadeeshwara, clad in His new orange attire and adorned with flowers, was smiling and shining from His pedestal from 5 AM. From 9 AM, Rudram chanting began (Laghunyasa, Namakam and Chamakam) and the Pujari conducted the Puja, which included Ekadasa Kalasa Sthapanam and Rudra Aavahanam. This was followed by Maharudrabhishekam at 11 AM. A unique offering to Bhagavan Jagadeeshwara by way of rendition of various devotional Shiva Stotrams and Kirtan, was conceptualised by Swami Tejomayananda and presented by him along with the students at 4.30 PM. This was truly a treat for the ears and eyes. The most awaited Deeparadhana of Lord Jagadeeshwara was witnessed by everyone present and those watching online at 6.30 PM. This was followed by the first Prahara Puja and second Prahara Puja at 7 PM and 10 PM respectively along with devotional chants, including Ganapati Atharvashirsha, Rudram, Purushasuktam, Durga Suktam and ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ Japa.

The programme concluded with divine and blissful Maha Arati, which was offered to the Lord at midnight, followed by Mahaprasad.

Though this was a somewhat different celebration, without the non-stop flow of devotees throughout Mahashivaratri day which Jagadeeshwara Mandir at Sandeepany is known for, it was still a wonderfully heartfelt, memorable and devotional day filled with love and joy for all present.