Value Camp for The TVS School

Date : 08 Jul 2022

Under the guidance of Swami Sivayogananda, Chinmaya Mission Madurai conducted a value camp for ‘The TVS School’ on 7 July and 8 July 2022. More than 300 students studying in the 8th grade participated with great enthusiasm.


Swami Sivayogananda inaugurated the camp and took value sessions for the students on both days. The session based on a shloka from Bhaja Govindham was well received by the students and the importance of learning Bhagavad Gita from a young age was stressed upon. The story telling sessions, bhajans, activities and video sessions of the value camp were based on topics such as “World Created by Parents”, “Surrendering to the Almighty”, and “Culture and Legacy of Bharat”.


The children also played team games with exuberance. A special video session on patriotism was conducted by Brahmachari Jitesh Chaitanya from Chinmaya Mission Tirunelveli. Pattimandram Sri. Raja, a famous speaker from Tamil Nadu, gave a motivational talk to the students. Refreshments and lunch were provided to all the campers.


Very good feedback was received from the school management and they have requested for more such value camps for their students. Such programmes sow important seeds in young minds and hearts during their formative years.