How to change your destiny

Life as we know it is a culmination of all our past decisions. It is not a set chronology of events pre-determined by an extra-terrestrial force, but rather a personal trajectory. People often associate their present stature with the forces of Destiny or Luck. But, what if we got to know that these are just arbitrary terms and that it is entirely possible to control our experiences, joys and sorrows?

By accepting the philosophy “as you sow, so shall you reap”, we can master our own destiny. We have the ability to achieve this by performing actions to the best of our ability. Instead of reacting or placing the fault on other forces, we should observe our own mind. This, in essence, is a delicate act. When we separate ourselves from our life and surroundings, we become observers. It is similar to watching a movie. In the same way, by letting life flow, we eliminate reactiveness.

We can transcend destiny once our ego devolves from its seminal existence. We need to curb our habits of complaining and letting emotions get the better of us. Once we can rise above the need to complain, compare and react, we can let our life unfold.

To master destiny, we need to view life as a spectator, rather than a doer, sufferer or enjoyer; making way for things to happen instead of letting situations affect our feelings and our consequent actions. Dichotomizing ourselves from our present state is important in taking charge of our destiny. Be mindful, because life will present myriad events that come with their own set of anticipated reactions, and the consequent decisions that may stem from our reactions.

By letting go of the reaction and the actions that follow, we allow our conscience to take charge, instead of the ego. Being in the moment now and always is the key to living a fulfilling life and mastering fate. This also provides us with detailed knowledge of how to actively participate in any given situation in the present.

There are a million situations, both natural and synthesized, that are responsible for our existence. How then can one sole event vouch for our reaction to it, especially if it creates no positive change in our life? Acting in a state of emotional upheaval propels us towards an immature perception of life. However, once we have mastered the art of remaining unaffected and being actively observant, we master our destiny.

As human beings, we are subject to a variety of possible reactions. When we are emotionally charged, our lives are affected by our emotions. However, why should we be affected by each isolated incident? Why shouldn’t our feelings towards them remain equanimous? When we let parts of our life influence the life that lies ahead, we drag our own fate to a point of stagnancy. We need to acknowledge that our present fate was created by past actions and our current actions will give birth to our future destiny.

May we all find the power to change our attitude, to face our destiny.

Swami Swaroopananda
Global Head, Chinmaya Mission