Sadhana Day at Bengaluru

Date : 05 Feb 2023

Sadhana Day was observed on 5 February 2023 at Chinmaya Mission Bengaluru in the presence of Swami Brahmananda. About 250 study group members from all over Bengaluru city participated in the lively discussion on Bhagavad Gita Chapter 9. The members were divided into 10 groups and each were allotted a few shlokas to discuss for one hour. At the end of discussion, the group moderators presented the gist of their discussions that clearly depicted the depth of study and reflection done by each study group member.

Swami Brahmananda was extremely pleased with the quality of discussion as well as presentation. In his Ashirvachana, he described Chapter 9 as a mirror giving a crystal-clear analysis on all questions and doubts regarding Jiva, Jagat and Ishwara that in reality explain our real nature. He explained that doubts come to only an agitated mind while a calm mind rooted in the Self will have no questions. He stressed that all our sadhana should aim at quieting the mind, focusing attention on the changeless substratum. We should analyse our dream state that throws light on how the world is projected and how the single entity becomes both the upadana and nimmitta karana of creation.