Navaratri Celebrations in Bengaluru

Date : 24 Oct 2023

Navaratri was celebrated in the traditional style from 15th October to 24th October 2023 in all centres of Bengaluru, but especially at Sripaadakshetra, J. P. Nagar, as well as Sharada Mandir, Koramangala. The programme included daily Archana in the mornings and evenings followed by different groups rendering programmes of devotional songs, classical music and Bhajans in the evening. The beautiful decoration of Devi each day depicting Her different aspects was appreciated by all devotees, who came in large numbers daily seeking Her blessings. Kanya Puja, Brahmachari Puja, Dampati Puja, Suvasini Puja and Matru Puja were performed on different days as per tradition, with each significance clearly explained by Swamini Samatananda every day.