Shraddhanjali to Smt. Darshanaben Nanavaty

Date : 17 Feb 2024

Smt. Darshanaben Nanavaty took final refuge at the lotus feet of Swami Chinmayananda in Houston, at 1.30 PM local time on 16 February 2024.

Shri Gaurangbhai and Smt. Darshanaben, fondly known as Darshana Aunty in Chinmaya Mission Houston, attended the Vedanta Course at Piercy, California in 1979, after which their commitment to the Vedantic path took root in Houston from the year 1982. In more than three decades that followed, their loving guidance has spiritually and culturally nourished thousands of families.

Abundantly blessed by Swami Chinmayananda, respected Darshanaben compiled the Bala Vihar curriculum textbooks for the benefit of all Chinmaya Mission Centres worldwide. She has been a guiding force in the training of Bala Vihar sevikas. Years ahead of her times, her creativity, tireless work and tremendous vision brought Swami Chinmayananda’s teachings to seekers in various formats, including books, animation, CD-ROMs and even mobile Apps. The far-reaching Gita 365 App was her brainchild, followed by other Apps created by the Chinmaya Mission Houston team.

Always a sincere and most loving guide and teacher, the ever-smiling Darshanaben will be remembered for her tremendous contribution to her Guru’s work and legacy.

Our heartfelt Shraddhanjali to Darshanaben.