Let us be spiritually awakened human beings first

The whole world is frantically searching for a message, a revealing light, a knowledge that will impart a meaning and purpose for life.

The Communist and the Capitalist, the developed and the developing, the scientist and the layman, the materialist and the idealist — knowingly or unknowingly, all are neck deep in this great research.

In his mad rush for material progress and sensual living man has apparently lost his inner essence. In his false preoccupation with social problems and economic issues man has lost sight of himself and his personality waned. Undoubtedly the great grand issue of the day is this – Can man rediscover himself? Can his personality be rehabilitated? Can man be rekindled with a new faith and a purpose in life?

An idea that cannot comprehend the living issues of the age and an idealism that does not string from the human experience is useless. Mere scholarship that does not come to the service of fellow human beings is monstrous. The ideas of the past that are not amenable to be refashioned and relieved according to the needs of the times are a dead weight on humanity. At the same time a generation that is cut off from the past is like a rudderless ship aimlessly floating in a tumultuous ocean.

Is there any way out of this chaotic mess that man finds himself in? Is there anything that can instil hope, confidence and love for a creative dynamic life? Can spirituality come to the rescue of mankind where materialism and atheism failed? Even mighty communist countries in the pinnacle of their contentless glory are thinking on these lines. Religion and spirituality is staging a thunderous came back. The Upanishads and Bhagawad Geeta, the Quran and the Bible are increasingly read and contemplated upon by men of intelligence and wisdom. Are we aware of this resurgence of spirituality or are we still living in the stupid ‘asuric’ belief that religion is the opium of mankind?

Arise and awake, let us be partakers of this spiritual awakening. Let the message of the scriptures flood the bosom of mankind. Let us be integrated and spiritually awakened human beings first; and the rest will follow automatically.

All through the last twenty-five years Chinmaya Mission has been working as a platform for all those who are enthusiastic to take part in this great spiritual awakening. Every member of the mission is a brick on whose righteous living is built the grand edifice of the great vision that the mission represents. Let us be worthy of the mission and the time-tested culture of the Upanishads.