The fundamental cause of all confusions is man’s “non-apprehension” of Reality called in Vedanta philosophy as “ignorance” (ajnana v, which also includes all vacillations of the mind, doubts and despairs, dejections and hesitations, fears and weak¬nesses. It is because of man’s false attachments with the objects of the world as available for him when he looks out into Truth from the parapet walls of his body and mind and forgetting his own real nature as the All-Pervading Consciousness, he comes to misunderstand himself to be the matter envelopments which are nothing but thought-created encrustations around the, Divine in him. When perceived thus through the prism of the body, mind and intellect he sees the Truth splashed and splintered into endless plurality, and these objects give a delusory enchant¬ment to the senses and the mind. To satisfy these urges of his physical body and his inner mind the individual runs after the objects. Necessarily such a self-deluded personality having misunderstood himself becomes the sansaric ego-centre who is a victim of his own ignorance.