Guru & Disciple

The relation between the Guru and the disciple is extremely sacred, everlasting and spiritual. There is no worldly relationship to which it can be compared. The true and ideal disciple’s devotion to his Guru excels the devotion that an ideal son has for his father, an ideal Pativrata has for her husband, a most loyal servant has for his master. The disciple’s devotion to Guru is equal only to his devotion to God. A spiritual aspirant must revere and honour all saints. But that supreme Guru Bhakti he can have only towards one of them – his embodiment of God Himself. The devotee does not become a slave by obeying the Guru. He becomes the King of Kings, Atma-Samrat. There is no other way to subdue the ego, and annihilate it in toto, except obedience to the Guru, service of the Guru and humility. Therefore, Guru Bhakti and Guru Seva are indispensable for Self-realisation.