Tapovan Mahima

Disciples are always fools, they will never be able to see and understand a master in action. They look at it from their stupid intellectual ‘brilliancy’. Masters are deeper than that; they cannot be comprehended by the intellect……………..
It was an utter vairagya that Swami Tapovanji Maharaj lived every moment and this I am talking of what grossly you are seeing. But that was not He. He was pure Brahman itself. At least to me he was. To unveil Him and His glory, His vibhuti is in the hearts of others—because he was always a recluse, he always shelled himself in and didn’t want anybody to disturb him and therefore, when I reached therein, a rascal of the best type, the darkest, dreariest, stupid fellow that ever was, he in his own way, with his own light touches carved out of it what I am now. So I thought that I must come and bring it out to others. And how to tell them? Not that Swami Tapovan Maharaj was there—he was from Kerala—he was a Sanskrit scholar etc. That is not He, that is the outer wrapping. Now how to explain to you all that I saw him outside was what I saw in the Upanishads and the Bhagawad Geeta. Therefore I thought that these two books must become permanently known by everyone and therefore the work started

It was only to unveil Him to everyone at all levels that we tried to take the message. We did it all to unveil Shri Tapovan Mahima. Tapovanji Maharaj was not a person. He was not any historical entity, he is not a saint of the ordinary order, he was indeed a miraculous thing, or a great luck for the society that he lived in our times. But he lived the philosophy or the highest Reality in every movement of his. Even shifting the leg in his sitting posture from morning to evening. He sat on in that verandah in that corner…. (You) Try! You may say that what an idler he must have been! He sat there for 40-45 years of his life. He sat down there and there alone, ever established in his own Self and expressing it in his smile, in his looks, in his graciousness and in his study or teaching. In all his words, whatever he did was only just a glorification and a reflection of the infinite Self in him he lived. It is that master who is your grandsire in this organization and we thought that there must at least be a symbol and he is being now brought here to be present and be a witness of what we are doing. That is why he is turning into the ashram as he always remained turned into the sanctum sanctorum; never turned outwards. Therefore he is not facing the door, watching who is coming or who is going but he is turned towards the ashram as a Silent Witness of what is going on here. So that when the baser thoughts come, the vulgar promptings come, remember there is a silent witness standing there watching over you.

This master thus is impossible to explain and describe. He was not a person. As a person when I describe him it becomes almost indecent, incompetent. It does not explain what it is exactly. He was a presence. And a presence or a fragrance how can you explain? A light, a joy is something to be experienced. This is my attitude and experience with him and therefore it is difficult to explain or describe him. Even in his own book the “Ishwar Darshan” in which he tries to give his data, he has given it as a satire ; that on such and such day a boy was born and that boy was Subramaniam… etc. It is a story of that boy as if he has no connection with him.

That structure was only the container but the contents was Tapovanam. And he was a presence, a light, a glow. As such it is impossible to communicate it. And the only way to communicate is that you also study the Geeta and learn to live the righteous life and to experi¬ence what Swami Tapovanam is. And hence this unveil¬ing ceremony. It is not a mere statue. It is a presence. Therefore all the students in the morning invoke his grace, a very powerful one, in order to make you an adhikari for the study of the Upanishads and for the help in meditation. However disturbed you may be, or I can say I may be, a little falling at his feet, a little turning up towards him is sufficient for me. I don’t say for you also it will be the same. I can’t say that My experience is that he can put you back on the rails very quickly… Make use of him…you can.

The glory of what the mission is doing is all his glory. If others are being benefited is again from him only. I am incapable of, in any way, communicating. Maybe I am an instrument in communicating. But what are being communicated are his thoughts, his ideas. The majority of the examples, for which I am famous in the country, are all his examples. I have been looting from him and without giving his name getting the glory to myself. But his examples were given in such a serious mood. He never came down from the great peaks of his inner quietitude. We are invoking him to be present here and bless our efforts and guide us on the right lines.