Temple of the Healer

Here is the idol of Lord Krishna, which was installed in the Deena Bandhu (Healer of the Sick) Temple, attached to the Chinmaya Mission Hospital, in Bangalore, by Swamiji in March 1978.
This is a charming piece of sculpturing made under the direct supervision of Chinmaya by a professional in Mysore, India. The grace and rhythm of this one-piece sculpture, chiseled out of a single block of soft-black-stone, is so captivating that people have started coming from far off to see and pray at the beautiful idol.

This was installed in March during the close of Swamiji’s Yagna in Bangalore, when thousands of our devotees were present, and all of them cued up to offer their personal worship.

Once in Krishna’s time, His gopa and gopi friends, and their herds of cows, all mysteriously fell down pell-mell and swooned after drinking the waters of the river Yamuna. It got suddenly poisoned by a terrible serpent named Kalyan, who came to live there.
Seeing this tragic sight, -overcome by His natural com¬passion for the innocent ones, suffering so helplessly, Krishna got upon the branch of a tree overhanging the river, removed his clothes, and keeping them securely tied to a branch, dived into the waters below. Angered by the disturbance, the seven headed cobra sluggishly got up, and Krishna climbed on his hood and started dancing! The Lord of the Universe at each step brought the entire weight of the cosmos to bear upon the serpent; at last extremely and totally fatigued, the serpent Kalyan brou¬ght out his poisons. The proud cobra was humbled, all his arrogance lost. When the serpent surren¬dered and prayed for forgiveness, Lord Krishna ordered him never more ever to come into the river and poison the eco¬logy, ever after! Promising to do so, the humbled and vanquished serpent, along with his brood of family members, crawled away towards the open sea.
Lord Krishna, thus dancing on the hood of Kalyan, is the symbol installed in this Deena Bandhu Temple, in Bangalore.