Deepavali Message

Deepavali is, the Celebration of Lights. In the tradition of almost all the countries of the world, we have a corresponding celebration.
In the modern times, instead of the religious Festival of Lights, we have the celebrations of the Republic Day, the Independence Day, etc., where the main factor is to illumine all the public buildings and institutions.
It is indeed, a fact that it is not the moths alone that are attracted by lights; .but man is also endlessly fascinated by Lights.
Even in the Communist countries, based upon the human enchantment for lights, they have torch-light marches to express their protests or to applaud their heroes.
In India, faithfully following our spiritual culture, we too have a night of lights called Deepavali (Deep=light, avali = row).
The Puranic tradition attributes this day to the victorious return of Krishna, after killing Narakaasura—the destruction of Evil and the victorious Celebration of Lights.

The Light of Consciousness in the bosom of individuals, illumining all their apprehensions is Atman, the Self. The flaming Existence in the bosom of all, is dramatized by the clay saucer in which the Hindu fills the oil and lights the wick. He decorates his home and streets with the rows of such naked individual spots of lights.

In our bosom, the wick of the mind is maintained by the oil of vasanas. When the oil of vasanas is over, the distinct flame of Existence flutters, to become One with the Elemental Fire Remember the significance, when you light the little clay saucers, which our bodies are. Keep 1n your mind, the significance of the oil and the wick. As you stand in wonderment at the beauty of the rows of lights every¬where, learn to feel elated at the Light of the divine Consciousness that flutters in the hearts of all living beings around. Harm none; respect life everywhere; and when one by one the lights disappear, teach yourself not to weep, but to reflect, how the manifested light disappears into the unmanifested Fire Divine.

Explain this in simpler forms to your children, on this sacred day, when they have finished with their fire-works. Introduce them to Life and its glories. Take as examples, the flower that fades, the leaf that falls off, the plant that withers, or the dog or the cat that might have died at home. Guide them to realize that this Life is One in all
forms of existence, the plants, the animals and the human beings. If you can bring reverence to them for Life you have given them the beginning of their spiritual education.