Tapovan Maharaj- The Silent Witness

Tapovanji Maharaj was not a person he was a presence, a fragrance, a light, a joy, a glow; something to be experienced. It is difficult to explain, or describe him and as such impossible to communicate him. He was not a saint of the ordinary order, he was indeed a miraculous thing and a great luck for the society that he lived in our times.
It was only to unveil Him, at all levels that we tried to take the message. We did it all to unveil Sri Tapovan Mahima. He was ever established in his own Self and expressing it in his smile, in his looks, in his graciousness, in his study or teaching, in all his words. Whatever he did was only a glorification and the reflection of the Infinite Self in him. It is that Master who is your grandsire in this organization and we thought that there must at least be a symbol……and he is being now brought here to be present and be a witness—a Silent Witness, of what we are doing.
The only way to communicate Him is that you also study the Upanishads and the Geeta and learn to live the righ¬teous life and to experience what Swami Tapovanam is.