Call of the Conch

In the depths of all of us there is a secret longing, a silent impulse, a soaring ambition to do something beautifully great, spectacularly noble, and surely enduring. This is a divine summons from deep within us, to take off from the decaying levels of mediocrity into voiceless heights of spontaneity and perfection. We must harken to these indisputable intimations divine – too sacred to ignore, too cruel, if we should reject.

These are the calls of the païcajanya (Lord Krishna’s conch here symbolising the call of spirituality), commanding us to marshall all our faculties and powers and march out to conquer. When so enlarged in our outlook on life and in our vision of God, we learn to obey its biddings – there then comes that experience – that miraculous unfoldment in ourselves… Thereafter, we are no more satisfied with our common place living and its routine activities, but must demand from ourselves nobler exertions and greater achievements.

We shall thirst for sublime endeavour as our sights soar higher, gazing into the possibilities of a greater and a loftier purpose in life. It is then that we glide into the richness of the treasures that are already within us. We must bring out these wonderful powers that are placed now in our keeping and pour them forth for the benefit of the world around.