Discover and Develop the Inner Potential

We all possess this one great gift – the ability to discover and develop the infinite possibilities within us.

If we organise our lives in such a way as to discover the great potential within us, and if we order our behavior so as to nurture and nourish that potential, our lives will be well spent. Our success lies in the amount of transformation we can bring about in our character and behavior. The question is not how many talents each one of us has, but how much of our existing talents we explore and develop. An individual can have many talents – yet be a miserable failure in life. The successful person is one who makes practical use of at least one great talent that he or she possesses.

What we regularly encourage and cultivate in our minds determines our character and ultimately our destiny. An intelligent choice of thoughts can transform our character as well as our lives. Thus, the entire destiny of life lies in our own hands. We can rebuild our future.