Self-Effort and Destiny

The omnipotent power of God is described in our Çästras as comparable with the rain. The rain is common and equal in its blessings to all. Different seeds, nourished by the rain, grow, each to its individual stature, with different qualities.

Within us, the tendencies of our mind, called väsanäs, are the seeds. They come about, exist, burst into expression, all according to a law. This law is indeed an omnipotent power that rules, governs over, controls and directs all life everywhere at all times. Thought by thought, new channels can be created – flowering seeds sown, weeds plucked out and in time, the jungle in our mind can be rendered into a fragrant garden.

A river, now wasting its waters, eroding the land, flowing as it lists, can be tamed, its waters dammed, and through newly opened channels we can make it water the arid lands around into smiling cultivation. By self-effort everything is possible. Man alone can, with the right understanding, know how to guide destiny.

Life has two movements – forward and lateral, like a car on the road. The petrol will push the vehicle merely forward. The lateral movements are controlled by the driver. This forward dash in space is called destiny and the lateral movement is self-effort.  If the driver is drunk, the forward movement of the car will dash it in the gutters on the side, in a tragic crash. But if the driver is intelligent, careful at every yard of the vehicle’s movement, he can take us to our destination safely.