Be the Architect of Your Own Future

The law of karma, when correctly understood, is the greatest force of vitality in Indian philosophy. It makes us the architects of our own future. We are not helpless pawns in the hands of a mighty tyrant – God – who, it is believed, has created us weak and tearful, to lead a life of limitations and pains. If we are weak or sorrowful, it is because of our own willful actions. In our ignorance, we in the past, had pursued certain negative values of life and their fruits have come up now to give us the pattern of circumstances we are living today.

Never mind. Take heart. By living rightly today the divine values of love, kindness, tolerance, mercy etc., we shall order a nobler pattern for our future. By careful self-policing, we shall detect the wrong tendencies in us and eliminate them through constant and conscious effort. Develop positivity and thus come to be the God of your own future life. Be a God !