Climb Fearlessly to the Peak

The divine path leading the pilgrim to the Temple of Truth is not always even; it contains many a steep ascent. It wends through dangerous gorges, dark tunnels, fearful jungles and precipitous steeps. To control the mind and to move steadily on, away from the fields of perceptions and thoughts and ascend the tranquil peaks of the infinite Consciousness is no pleasant travel.

Many a time the pilgrim feels waves of passions, gushes of despair, storms of despondency and cyclones of hopelessness rocking his courage and shattering his sincerity. To pursue the path in spite of these benumbing influences, the pilgrim must be a great hero, who has a private exchequer of inspiration and confidence from which to draw. He must indeed have an unlimited exchequer of power and strength. This exchequer of infinite strength is called ‘faith’.

The secret is this: fearlessly attempt the great, confidently pursue the great and ultimately you will find yourself on the peak. Come, let us walk to the peak and rest only in our own palace of success. In our success lies the success of the nation, the glory of the world.