Wake up to Reality

The roar of truth is not heard from the scriptures nor listened to in the teachers’ words; it is not in the song of the birds nor in the thunder of the skies; it is to be heard within your own bosom in the utter silence of the quietened mind. This blinding silence is the roar of the Truth Divine. The desireless mind alone can be silenced effectively. Enter into the experience of this endless dynamism.

Beyond all darkness, this inner experience is extremely clear and supremely subjective. There is no doubt in the individual regarding the nature and reality of this experience. Just as a dreamer no more doubts once he wakes up, about the nature and the reality of the waking world, so too, when an egocentric individual comes to the plane of God-consciousness, his experience is so all-consuming that there is no doubt left in him as to the reality of his present experience. Complete and total realisation is possible. This is the assertion of all Vedantic seers.