In the ninth chapter of the Bhagawad Geeta, Shri Krishna says,
“One who makes an inner resolve and takes a firm decision to follow the path of righteousness should be considered a sadhu”.

A pledge is a sankalpa or a vow. It is a decision that helps to bring about an inner transformation. You become a seeker the moment you take a sankalpa or decision. It is this sankalpa shakti which acts as the catalyst that changes an ordinary man into a historic personality.

The Chinmaya Mission Pledge is a direct message to us from Swami Chinmayananda. In an inspired mood, Swamiji spontaneously dictated this pledge at a conference of Chinmaya Mission workers in the summer of 1962 at Ernakulam. He said that this pledge would act as a guide to all Mission members and to people in general. This pledge conveys the very essence of the scriptures and in simple words tells us the goal of life and how to live it. This great Mahatma’s life’s message has been summed up in a few simple sentences or aphorisms in the pledge.