Tulasi Vivah at ParamDham

The two day divine wedding celebration of Lord Shri Krishna and Shri Vrunda Devi at ParamDham was full of grandeur, devotion, and bliss.

On 7th November, on the eve of the holy wedding, Chinmaya Swaranjali members organised a Sangeet Sandhya and sang various wedding songs for Lord Shri Krishna who was in the form of the divine groom and mother Tulasi as His bride. As a part of the Sangeet Sandhya, ceremonies like Haldi (nourishing beauty bath with turmeric) and Mameru (a ritual to offer gifts of love) were also performed. As known by all, any celebration in Gujarat is incomplete without Garba, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

On the evening of 8th November, devotees dressed up in their wedding finery, thronged the temple to witness the auspicious wedding ceremony of Tulasi Vivah. The baarat (Groom’s procession) led by the yajamaans from the groom’s side commenced with music and dance, and reached the main temple as the yajamaans from the bride’s side welcomed the Lord with Purna Kumbha. Wedding rituals accompanied by Vedic chanting and singing were followed by Shodashopachara Puja of the Divine couple and Bidaai samaroha (sending off of the newly married couple) into the sanctum sanctorum of the temple.  All the devotees carried the divine couple in their hearts as they proceeded for Preeti Bhojan (Dinner of love).

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