With regular workshops and demonstrations of classical Indian arts, Chinmaya Swaranjali is a confluence of performers and audiences, and a dynamic platform for new and upcoming artists as well as keen learners, invigorating the artist in everyone.             They perform and charm members at pujas and important festival celebrations of the Mission.  They are also invited to participate in celebrations outside the Mission, at the local temples. In 2006, with the support of local senior artists, the Group recorded 100 songs, called Bhaktirasamrutam, as part of a Fundraiser for the new Building Fund of the Chinmaya Mission. Since 2007, the largest fundraiser for Chinmaya Mission UK has been Swaranjali’s joyous celebration of Hanuman Jayanti. This is marked by the singing of Hanuman Chalisa, 108 times, in different ragas. "I started in Chinmaya Swaranjali classes 6 years ago. The amazing thing is I don't even realise how those 90 minutes pass by, because it always fills me up with lot of happiness. I always come out of these classes fully energized."

- Murthy Surepeddi, Swaranjali member, London

"Attending Swaranjali class to me is not in the least about singing, it is a Sadhana …it is meditative where the words glorifying the Guru, the Lord, the deity, and His Karuna (compassion) as though melts my heart, brings my mind to a quietude."

- Nina Majithia, Swaranjali member, London