Since inception, the research work, workshops and so on, have increased incrementally. CIF has grown exponentially. Current infrastructure is not in line with the increased demand for programmes at the national and international levels. Accordingly, infrastructure for technology, conveniences, reference libraries, living quarters, modern communication methods are required so that people can focus on enriching research and development. This project, called “Project CIF” is estimated at 20 Crores (USD 4.2 M) to be completed by May 8th 2015.

Present Progress: Started in 2009, Phase I has been completed; this includes a Residential Complex with facilities for 400 people at a cost of INR 9 Crore.

Work yet to be completed: Phase II

  • • International Convention Centre with a seating capacity of 750 with latest audio-visual facilities.
  • • Manuscriptology Department with specialised preservation facilities
  • • Research and Resource Centre
  • • Administrative Centre
  • • Information and Communication – well equipped for video-conferencing, dedicated web channel, worldwide connectivity and a publication, audio-video sales outlet.
  • • Catering and dining facilities
  • Request: Project CIF is wholly dependent on voluntary contributions from individuals, corporates, trusts and foundations. We beseech your support in enabling us to complete Phase II.