1. Promotions of Publications: The publications of the Chinmaya Mission – books, audios, videos, and other gift items should be promoted vigorously by everyone at all levels. Mobile book stalls like the one started at the Chennai can go a long way in promoting our books. Books should be published in various languages. For this to be done, translators, editors, proof-readers, graphic designers etc., are required. Those who have these abilities can come forward to offer their services.

2. Om Lamps: This lamp in the form of Pujya Gurudev’s signature should be lighted in all the centres on special occasions. It is suggested that all members of the mission acquire a lamp to be lit at home daily.

3. Ghar Ghar Mein Aradhana: All mission centres can take up this program, which will consist of Gurudev’s Paduka Puja, an inspirational talk and bhajans, not exceeding one and a half hours on the whole. The yajaman (sponsor) will offer some dakshina (offerings) as per convenience. The idea is to contact the maximum number of people.

4. Walkathon/Marathon: A Walkathon/Marathon can be conducted by centres either individually or collectively (on a national or global level) for a particular cause on a particular day.

5. Upanishad Ganga: Videos of Upanishad Ganga to be made available in other languages to reach all those who do not know Hindi. A study course based on Upanishad Ganga is being prepared. There can be Jnana Yagnas based on the Upanishad Ganga. Special screening of particular episodes can be organized along with any talk which deals with that given topic.

6. Chinmaya Jeevan Darshan: All the centres and institutes should set up a permanent exhibition on Gurudev’s life and teachings according to the space available in their premises.

7. Vedanta/Dharma Sevak Course: The basis of Chinmaya Mission is the knowledge of Vedanta. In fact, Pujya Gurudev started with talks on the Upanishads and gave discourses on the Gita later. Our centres can start Vedanta Courses in different languages on the lines of Sandeepany Sadhanalaya. Sponsors can come forward to support these courses. Apart from this, Dharma Sevak courses and other kinds of spiritual retreats can be organized.

8. Akhanda Gita Jnana Yagna: Year-long discourses on all the chapters of the Gita can be organized. The centres can decide whether it is to be held on all the days, or certain specified days in the month.

9. CVP and TITI: The CVP (Chinmaya Vision Program) and TITI (Transforming Indians to Transform India) should be promoted. The ideas and thoughts in the CVP are comprehensive, good for children and youth. The programs like quiz, seminars and rallies at the national level are specially geared towards the youth and young adults.

10. Training Camps: Training camps for sevaks can be organized to give them an orientation, clarity of vision and the opportunity to mingle with sevaks from other areas.

11. Management Seminars: Seminars can be organized at the corporate level to showcase the Indian ethos and the relevance of the traditional system of values in the context of modern management.