Under the knowledge proficiency of Swami Tejomayananda, Swamini Vimalananda, Swami Advayananda, and Brahmachari Samvid Chaitanya, it took almost four years of research to build the ideas and concepts before it was transformed by the creative brilliance of the director, Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi. Swami Advayananda says, “It captures the entire depth and magnitude of Indian Wisdom...that is Upanishad Ganga.” Exceptionally talented and creative, Dr. Dwivedi’s quest for the ancient knowledge tradition of India found an echo in Upanishad Ganga. He started his career in theatre as a writer, director and actor, which was followed by a landmark television series, 'Chanakya' - a series he scripted, directed and also acted in. 'Chanakya' was also highly acclaimed for its creative excellence. Dr. Dwivedi was ably assisted in the script writing of Upanishad Ganga by co-writers Atul Tiwari and Farid Khan. In Upanishad Ganga, the subtle knowledge of the Upanishads has been presented through interesting stories, to make it extremely simple and effective on television. These stories contain inspirational incidents of various ancient and historical heroes of India, such as Raja Harishchandra, Yaajnavalkya and Daara Shikoh. On behalf of the entire creative team of well-known artists, actors and performers, Dr. Dwivedi states “the most rewarding and intellectually satisfying experience. We all consider ourselves fortunate to be a part of this.”