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Pujya Gurudev on “Cause and Effect” at Oak Brook Church in Oak Brook, Illinois, planted the seed for the first Gita jnana yajna held in Chicago (Aug. 10-19, 1980), and resulted in the establishment and incorporation of a regional CMW center in Chicago, blessed by Pujya Gurudev as “Badri: A School of Vedantic Studies.”

The formal inauguration was to be done by Pujya Gurudev on Aug. 28, 1993, but he attained mahasamadhi on Aug. 3. The inauguration of the new building and the sthapana mahotsava of the idol of Lord Badri Narayana took place on Oct. 24, 1993, presided over by Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda.

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