As in all Mission centers, the primary goal of Chinmaya Mission St. Augustine, Chinmaya Govardhan, is to honor and serve Pujya Gurudev’s vision by sharing the Vedantic knowledge He gave us. The name Govardhan itself expresses beautifully what we hope to achieve here, since “vardhana” means that which uplifts, nourishes, or gladdens, and “go” refers to the Vedas, mind, senses, earth, and cows. As the Lord showed in His Govardhan-lila that He is the ultimate refuge of all beings, so too, we envision Chinmaya Govardhan as a place where people of all backgrounds can seek and live the Truth through Vedantic scriptural study and Self-inquiry, where body and mind can be uplifted through healing awareness and devotion to God, where we can practice living in harmony with the environment. The center is located one hour from Jacksonville International Airport and is 20 minutes away from St. Augustine’s beaches, Nature preserves, and other tourist attractions. We had our first retreat on the auspicious weekend of Radhashtami. Since then, we have held more retreats and workshops, where CM center’s devotees, collectively and individually, have visited, served, and spiritually unfolded.

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