Jnana Yajnas

As darkness can be dispelled only by light, so also ignorance of the true Self can be removed only by knowledge. A Jnana Yajna is a program of talks (discourses usually of 7 days) by Acharyas of the Chinmaya Mission where symbolically ignorance is burnt in the fire of knowledge. 

Chinmaya Mission Mangalore conducts Jnana Yajnas (in English, Kannada and occasionally in Hindi) at intervals of about 3- 4 months. The schedule of Yajnas is indicated in the Calendar of events.

Study Group for Adults

For the serious spiritual seeker interested in delving deeper into the secrets of the texts a "Study Group" for adults, is conducted by the Resident Acharya at the Sharada Sannidhi.

Devi Groups

Sessions for ladies conducted by Swamini Supreetanandaji at the Sharada Sannidhi where participants are taught Stotrams, Bhajans & Bhagavad Geeta.

Balvihar &   Chinmaya Yuva Kendra

The emphasis these days is increasingly on an educational system designed to provide youth with a college degree. This is with the aim of ensuring financial security through supposedly desirable jobs with high remuneration. 

Balvihar and Chinmaya Yuva Kendra are programs designed to increase the Emotional and Spiritual Quotient in children and Youth; the missing elements in the present educational system. They provide children & youth with a rudimentary road map & the necessary skills to navigate the increasingly difficult road in their journey in Life. They provide them with the Spiritual tips to successfully handle education,career and Life with fortitude.

"Parents, provide your children with the best Lifetime Insurance policy available in the market today - a Spiritual Endowment Policy. No premium to be paid either....."

Enrol them in Balvihar / Chinmaya Yuva Kendra.