Motto: “In the hushed silence of your heart, Listen to the divine melody of the Lord.”

The cool breeze and the rhythmic music from the oceanic waves add to the pleasant atmosphere of Chinmaya Sarada Tapovan ashram. The ashram is located at a walking distance from seashore in Kothapatnam town. Seven acres of land of the ashram is filled with beautiful trees and flower gardens with rows of individual cottages. The delightful and pleasant atmosphere of the ashram is sanctified by the distinctive Octagonal Sri Krishna Chinmayam. The unique and majestic form of ‘Dwarakadheesa” holding “Chinmudra” is the centre of attraction. The enchanting smile on the serene face of Lord Yogeswara Krishna seated in Meditation posture is a special blessing to the ashramites. Nobody can escape without getting attracted by His mesmerising smile. On the whole Chinmaya Sarada Tapovan is said to be agreeable and enjoyable place for senior citizens who prefer to spend the time in peaceful spiritual atmosphere in their twilight of the life.

  • Ashram routine is planned in such a way that the ashramites can spend the time in a purposeful way. The day starts with morning pooja, aarati and Nama Japa. Both morning and evenings vanaprasthas participate in satsangs lead by acharyas. Discourses on Bhagavad Geetha and Upanishads and scriptures like Maha Bharata, Srimat Bhagavata will be there during camps and regular satsangs.
  • A good library with valuable books along with monthly magazines is maintained to enrich ones spiritual knowledge.
  • Apart from regular satsangs all the festivals like Sivaratri, Sri Rama Navami, Dasara, Vinayaka Chaturthi are celebrated to strengthen religious fervor of the ashram.